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You feel like it takes a lot of effort to manifest and you are forcing things to happen.

Do you struggle in making money while others are growing every single day?

What do they know that you don't? Are they just Lucky? What is the secret behind their success?

You can feel there is something that is holding you back from achieving great things in life but can't figure out what is it?

Maybe you already feel the blockages, trapped emotions inside but unsure about how to deal with them.

Wondering why you are not happy even when you are blessed with abundance?

You feel guilty about having more than others and feel horrible about it.

You are simply tired of feeling anxious all the time and not able to come out of it no matter what you do?

That unsettling feeling you have all the time drains you of all your energy. It feels like you are Stuck, doesn't it?



You live a life full of abundance, whatever your heart desires comes to you magically. You are in complete control of your life.

You are happy and content. 

You are hitting those $10k months, you finally have your own home, the perfect relationship, you get the offer for your dream job, you wake up happy every single day and feel content and you are surrounded by people who are supportive of your every action.

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If you want to improve ANY area of your life... Explode your Abundance... and transform yourself into a Reality Hacker – where you manifest consistently without stress and struggle...This is for you! 

Explode your abundance and transform yourself into a Reality where you will manifest consistently without stress and struggle...

Everything is energy and as you understand this and how you can manipulate that energy then you become unstoppable. Not only do you learn how to become incredibly magnetic to your deepest desires, you unlock the secrets of how to be truly happy and peaceful.


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Darren Overby 


 Working with Megan through The Reality Hacker program has given me the tools to grow in awareness, experience more joy in my work, release a lot of stress and people from my past that where holding me back.

I am more powerful and magnetic to my goals. I’ve moved to a new city, began investing in income properties and am growing multiple sources of income with more clarity, ease and fun!

Samara Rempel

Business Mentor

Taking the Reality Hacker program changed my life by making me see that the only way to change the world was to first change myself. 

Through raising my vibration over the course of her program, I have found a fulfilling and abundant career and my relationship with friends and family has significantly improved. 

I used to make $2000 a month working at a golf course, now I’ve hit $50,000 months running a business that I love with time and location freedom.

Brenda Marunchak


TheReality Hacker Intensive Program has given me the tools to grow in awareness, gain deeper understanding, become an affective meditator, clarify and focus on my specific desires, and so much more!

Since taking this course, I feel lighter, brighter, energized, focused and free! I am so grateful for you Megan. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jesse Gusta


Despite being fairly high functioning, I continually failed in all areas of my life. Not due to lack of skill, knowledge, or even effort; but simply because I was unable to control the biggest obstacle to my success…myself. I was preventing myself from succeeding in personal relationships, finances and even as a father. Megan changed that. She worked with me to get clear on what I wanted and why I was failing to obtain it. She helped me raise my mental state to a level that allowed me to maintain focus on what mattered and I began to succeed where previously I had failed. She helped me achieve and maintain the mental state I had always thought would come after success, which finally allowed me to succeed.

Stephanie Hametner

Director of ISNS Germany & Austria

What happens when passion meets joy, kindness and wisdom? That’s the Reality Hacker.

Megan has a wonderful way of getting people involved and really starting from ground floor. Before even considering our own attitudes, habits, and behavior, it was first about cleaning up and making the space for new things and new thoughts.

Megan, has an incredible wealth of experience, a wonderful feeling to support releasing trapped emotions; She included group-meditation and an interactive group, what creates a cozy space and the best conditions for growing and reaching the next level in the long term.

Each session was interactive, built on one another and designed to be extremely practical ... And very important: there were different tools for implementation for each personality type.

Thank you Megan for the opportunity to be there. I did get to my next level, I am able to take the steps that I hesitated before. But I also see lots of new perspectives, got to see different angles and received more clarity to create a plan.

Katie Howe

Health Educator

Through working with Megan in her Reality Hacker Intensive Program I have learned to change my mindset through meditation & manifesting, both of which I hadn't practiced before. 

This course is life changing and has opened my eyes to knowing what it is I truly desire and the action steps required to achieving it all!

During this course I manifested my house, my sales in my business increased and I'm loving life more everyday.

Thank you so much Megan for this course, your leadership and your friendship.

Bob Wakitsch


In Megan's one on one coaching she uses the Emotion Code and there is no system like it (though I wish there were).  However, even though they have a system, the results are really dependent upon the practitioner.  I know many emotion code people, and other than Megan (and Dr Nelson), I haven’t found anyone who can tap into their intuition using it like she can. It takes being in alignment with Spirit to do it correctly, which she is excellent at.
Also, energy is always in layers. Most emotion code practitioners only connect to and read the surface level energy, and the magnet helps release those…BUT the secondary and tertiary level energies are still in play.
I have been ‘watching’ Megan perform it, and she is certainly moving the underlying energies too. 
Her healing ability is special and not easily replicated.

Rachel Evans

California, USA

The impact you and the Reality Hacker Intensive Program has made in my life is mind blowing.

Due to Megan's guidance, I found the courage to quit a 13 year career without a definitive plan (unlike me). By implementing what I learned from Reality Hacker, I’ve been able to launch my own business and I LOVE IT!

I am making more money than I ever did working for someone else while working far fewer hours and having much more personal freedom. It is surreal to me how far I have progressed and how easy it was to make the most money I’ve ever made this past month.

I cannot thank you or appreciate you enough!

Jane E Madigan

Canine & Behavior Consultant

Before I met and spoke to Megan my head was in turmoil with what I thought I wanted and so my actions were all about procrastination. Once we were introduced, my intuition told me she was the person to help me.

After the one-on-one session my blocks started to be lifted out of my way and my clarity on my vision became so much clearer.

Joining the Reality Hacker Intensive Program gave me the direction and clearer focus on what I needed to do to move forward.

My vibration rose considerably, and I felt and have remained so joyful to a level I have not experienced before.

My desire to share my knowledge became clearer, synchronicities started to appear out of no-where and I found myself allowing so much more and not resisting or questioning my thoughts and intuition.

My self-belief has skyrocketed, knowing I can share my gift.

If you are feeling indecisive and confused about your life, talk to Megan, join Reality Hackers, you will gain new insights and skills which will allow you to be transformed to the new You.